We are pleased to announce that the Blu-Stuff Putty will now be sold in a new size of 300g packs (a 50% increase) for the original price of £11.99

Additionally, Liquid Blu-Stuff is now sold in quantities of 200ml (a 25% increase) for the orginal price of £15.99


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Firm Silicone Putty


Blu-Stuff Putty is a two part silicone elastomer which cures at room temperature. When mixed the putty will have a working time of approximately 60 seconds and cures with a firm finish within just 3 minutes.

Because of it’s firmness when cured Blu-Stuff Putty is ideal for casting objects and surface detail with clays and epoxy putties. It can also be used to cast resins and plaster.

300g  -  £11.99

Watch the introduction video to see how Blu-Stuff Putty works.




Liquid Silicone Rubber


Blu-Stuff Silicone Rubber is a two part liquid silicone elastomer which cures at room temperature. The blue and white liquids when mixed will cure into rubber in approximately 20 minutes. When cured the rubber is extremely flexible, strong and tear resistant.

Blu-Stuff Silicone Rubber captures an excellent degree of detail and is ideal for casting epoxy resins and plasters.

200ml  -  £15.99

Product supplied with 2 mixing/measuring pots.

(Warning: This product is chemically incompatible with Urethane Resins that produce extreme heat when used)

Watch the introduction video to see how Blu-Stuff Silicone Rubber works.