Blu-Stuff Putty 300g


Blu-Stuff is an easy to use, fast curing silicone rubber, ideal for moulding small items.

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Blu-Stuff Putty is a two part silicone elastomer that cures rapid when mixed. Using a 1 to 1 ratio of Blue and Grey the putty will have a working time of approximately 60 seconds and cures with a firm finish within just 3 minutes. Due to it’s firmness when cured Blu-Stuff Putty is an ideal mould for quickly capturing surface detail to then cast with clays and hard epoxy putties (like green stuff). It can also be used to cast resins and plaster. Blu-Stuff Putty is not intended for use with food preparation.

Note: This is not a flexible rubber product.

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Weight 430 g
Dimensions 7.8 × 7.8 × 5.8 cm


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