Liquid Blu-Stuff 1000ml


Liquid Blu-Stuff is an easy to use, fast curing silicone rubber, ideal for moulding small items.

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Liquid Blu-Stuff is a two part silicone elastomer which cures into a flexible rubber in approximately 20 minutes. It is easy to mix, requiring a simple 1 to 1 ratio of Blue and White compounds. When cured the rubber is very flexible, strong and tear resistant. Liquid Blu-Stuff captures an excellent degree of detail and is ideal for casting epoxy resins and plasters. It’s simplicity and suitablity for small molds make it ideal for small craft based hobbies. Liquid Blu-Stuff is not intended for use with food preparation.

Contents include two bottles of Blu-Stuff (A & B), two 60ml measure cups, two wooden stirring sticks, a pair of latex free gloves and full instructions.

The one litre size for this product is intended for multiple small moulds. The rapid curing of the silicone means it is not recommended to mix too large a quantity in one go.

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Weight1550 g
Dimensions15 × 15 × 15 cm


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